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What We Offer...

Hi! In this post we are going to highlight our strengths and tell you a bit more about us in the hope you will see that as a landlord, you can always have complete faith in our services.

Let's begin...

Recognising the importance of identifying suitable tenants and controlling costs throughout the tenancy, we will optimise your income to ensure you get the best return on your investment. 2020 marks our 20th year of successfully renting properties and we still serve numerous clients who came to us in the beginning.

Times are changing….

In recent years there have been numerous changes to the rental industry which have resulted in much stricter regulation for landlords with harsher punishments for non-compliance. In fact, those who are not completely familiar with the latest rules are highly likely to unwittingly fall foul of one of the latest tranches of legislation. We will ensure that your tenancy is completely compliant with present and future regulations and give you complete peace of mind that your contract with your tenant is lawful.

Choosing the right tenants….

Nothing worse than signing a contract with a tenant who you are unsure of. There’s no room for giving people the benefit of the doubt when it comes to protecting your investment. You will want to be certain that the prospective tenants have passed a stringent referencing process which gives you confidence that rents will be paid and the property well looked after. We outsource our financial referencing to a dedicated referencing agency who provide a full report for your assessment. A tenant who we present to you for consideration will also have gone through our own interview process which gives an idea of their needs and expectations which will provide additional information to you before offering a tenancy.

Looking after the property….

As well as paying rents to you on time, you will want to be assured that your tenants are looking after the property. If any maintenance issues are identified for which you are liable, we will contact you immediately offering a solution and likely cost by one of our regular tradesmen – or liaise with your own contractor.

Specialist Services….

In the unlikely event of the tenancy failing in any way, we are highly experienced in the mediation/eviction process and in fact operate a separate business solely dealing with tenancy disputes. We will deal with any issues on your behalf at all stages throughout the tenancy. Our approach to tenants’ complaints is both robust and sympathetic – we don’t want to see you spending money on the property unnecessarily, but will ensure that your obligations as landlord are met avoiding any potential liability for you.

Should the need arise, we will work with you step by step to make court applications for possessions and assist with the whole process including court representation. We have a 100% success rate in property possessions using the court process.

For more information on our management services please contact us at 01908 307 770.